Universal Studios Trip

Wow what a fun trip we just took. First it was last minute as is everything that I do so I called in Amanda the Disney travel planner to help and boy was that awesome. The only thing I had to do was book the airline tickets, she did the rest. We stayed at the Portofino Resort on the grounds of Universal which was awesome because we were only a 5 minute water taxi ride away from everything. I absolutely loved where we stayed , it felt like we were in Portofino, Italy.  Great outdoor restaurants, beautiful pool areas and grounds. I was really trying to come up with something that all of the boys would enjoy and it delivered. I am always wanting for the boys to have memories of trips together because before we know it they will all be grown up 🙁 Landry’s favorite ride was the Woody Woodpecker roller coaster , the big boys loved the giant roller coasters,  mine was the Harry Potter virtual ride. The whole Harry Potter world was incredible. We had a beautiful Easter brunch and many of the characters came and Landry loved that. I always say I wish we would do trips instead of gifts for any occasion, so many memories made!!!

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