My name is Becky and I’m a self help junkie

If you have known me very long you know I love reading and love learning.   If somebody looked at my kindle they would crack up – this amazon one click thing is not good for somebody with ADHD(not diagnosed just pretty sure) at any time my computer has 40 tabs open (Drives Dave absolutely crazy) – I have about 10 books that I’m currently reading  from Living Well, spending less to the Sports Gene.   I wish all I did was read.  The problem is Time!!   I finally got to finish a book on our last trip to Massachusetts where Dave was judging- Nobody is Cuter than You by Melanie Shankle is an awesome book and had me doing the ugly cry on the plane.   I highly recommend it.   She will be at the Wealth and Wisdom conference at Texas A&M this Friday and I  can’t wait to go .   Surely with the name wealth and wisdom I could learn something 🙂 and maybe go to the Dixie Chicken!!!    Dave probably thinks he is married to a crazy person – I’m constantly listening to webinars, making the boys write their goals down,  using one of the 80 apps I download thinking I’m going to nail this time management thing down.  (NOT)

This weekend I got to spend in Georgetown with my mom and Dad.  Boys were at a cattle sale in Hondo.   I really can’t think of a better way to spend Mother’s Day than being spoiled by my mom:) I got to eat my favorites risotto and minestrone soup, lots of hot tea and rum cake.

It’s the little things that makes moms happy.  Landry got to go the toyshop in Georgetown and to top it off when I got back home my girlfriends and I decided to get together to celebrate!!! ( With margaritas)

Some of the other happenings around here – more rain than we have ever had ( Thank the Lord), the boys broke the handle off of my car – seriously ???? and we went through an entire box of cereal in less than 24 hrs.   Here’s to 6 more days of school!!!