My first post!

Well, here it goes.  I’ve wanted to do a blog for a while just as a place to keep memories of our life.    First of all I’m not a writer so bear with me !!  I’ll start out with why I called it Gypsie Crazy.   Its not because everybody has used Gypsy in their name it is because of somebody I loved more than anything!!!   My grandmothers name was Gypsie and I can’t tell you how special she was in my life.  She taught me so many things!  How to laugh at yourself, how to try new things, how to have great friends, and how to have a great family that you cherish. I added crazy to the name because she would love the craziness my life has in it.   She was always doing new things and not afraid of anything.   This blog will incorporate all the things I love.  I love photography so there will be lots of pics, I love to cook so there will be recipes and I love my life ( wife , mom , life on a ranch) so there will be lots of stories.   Right now is one of the busiest times of the year with some sports ending track and golf, some beginning again swimming, 7 on 7 and baseball.   It seems as if we never eat dinner at home but lots of fun times with friends  and I love spring!! It can’t be any prettier with all the rain we have had .  Here is a pic of my grandma Gypsie , my grandpa, and their children ( sorry Clay you werent’ here yet)!   I hope you enjoy the blog!