Mom, I need a Magazine!

That is what Landry yelled at me from the bathroom and that is when I decided I need to build my own bathroom!!!  I’m seriously outnumbered.  What am I  going to do with 4 Males that all have to spend a large amount of time in the bathroom.

Last week was a big week as Landry started his first day of 3K.   Yes, I cried like a baby- pretty much all week but now I’m getting used to it.  He absolutely loves it and Mason has to check his folder everyday after school and quiz him on everything he did that day.   Not sure what Mason’s motive is with all these questions but its hilarious.  Mason asks him everyday ” Did you play with anybody new today? ”    I think Mason is worried he will have no friends :)))) He was practicing carrying lunchbox and carrying backpack even though he does not ride his bike to school.

Here are the three of them on the first day of school

I have to catch up everything up from summer.  We had so much fun and I have so many pictures to upload.   Hopefully now with so much time on my hands I can keep up with this blog!!