Football, Football and more Football!!!

What a crazy fun week!  So we now have two football players in the house, and its time again for some Aggie Tailgating- whoop!!!!  As Mason was singing This is the most wonderful time of year on Friday as he was baking cupcakes I was thinking Why yes it is!!!   We have St.Rose Football and because our school is so small 6th graders get to play!  Mason is beyond excited !   The St. Rose Cardinals won their first game!! Landry’s first pep rally and his awesome teacher Jaime- Landry is not so sure about any mascots so that is why he has that look. 

Mason and his friend Hayden at the Pep Rally in their new football jerseys.

We had grandparents day at St. Rose so we were sure glad Grandma and Grandpa got to come down.

Tyler’s team won this week too!

Landry’s first midnight yell practice!   That was a good idea —  but how could we miss this?

What an awesome sight!!!  I was so proud to be an Aggie!   Boys loved it and seeing the new stadium was amazing!  Keith and Tessa Bowman have the spot next to us tailgating  now which makes for lots of fun.

We love Keith’s cooking!!!! And I have girls to go shopping with!!!

Does it get any better than having Pat Green on campus playing a concert???????

He was awesome!!

Not sure if Landry ate anything but Aggie cookies all day and had to wear his new TeePee pajamas!!   What an awesome week with with family and friends!!