Becky with the Good Hair

Well it took Beyonce to talk about me in a song to bring the blog back  Yes it is   Becky with the Good hair.  Where is my face in all that and how much aqua net did I use!

The blog has taken a definitely taken a back seat to cattle shows that consume our life from Jan – March .  We just finished the cattle sales we have and now my days consist of answering questions about cattle semen to whether we can get a logo on a pet toothbrush and running boys .     Not many people can have as much fun as I do!!

Tyler went to Prom this past weekend.  Wow talk about making you feel old -how do they grow up so fast.   I took lots of pics !!  This one is one of my favorites.   I’m a sucker for black and white.

Speaking of favorites,  my new favorite earrings I saw when I was in Round Top and got to meet the famous Melanie Shankle who writes my favorite books.

She had on a pair that looked very similar to this and I thought they were gold and lo and behold they are leather that looks like gold.  So lightweight and I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on them.   You can find them on Instagram Savay Sterling Designs.

Here is a couple more pics from the last couple of weeks .  Mason’s last softball tournament.

This is the barn I would like to redo .  And last but not least.

Yes those are rubber boots with spurs.  I’m uploading all my pics so I’ll bombard you with more .    Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.