About Us

Gypsie Crazy is named after my grandmother, whose name was Gypsie. I loved everything about my grandmother; her adventure, her love of inventing, her love of family, and love of friends. She taught me to try something new all the time and never give up. I love taking pictures and I feel like it makes me look at things differently, more simply enjoying beauty in the smallest things. I want a way to share that with my family and friends and more importantly, have a family journal. I love to learn and love to read. Our Family owns a ranch with Hereford cattle, called Bar A Cattle. We have a cattle semen business called Genesource, and I have my promotional products business called The Brand Company, which does many promotional products for many businesses in the Ag industry. We have three children: Tyler, who attends Texas Tech as a freshman, Mason, who is a freshman in high school, and Landry who is a first grader. The boys are very active in showing and sports and I love to take pictures of them doing the things they love. I love sharing what we do with people who are not involved in agriculture in hopes to draw interest to the industry. I grew up in Military and loved every minute of it, but am now lucky enough to have my kids grow up in Agriculture - with a great work ethic and people who are second to none.